Aims and Scopes

by admin

Our goal is to provide a medium for the publication of a wide range of scientific articles in the fields of economy, economics, agriculture and agribusiness. The journal publishes research that improves our understanding about food, agricultural and resource economics with focus both on sector and firms.

The journal observes how economy and agribusiness operate and evolve and how policy actions and interrelations between public and/or private actors affect them. Subject matter areas include sector, regional and micro level analysis of actors and systems were agribusiness operate, both through cross-country comparative, and within-country studies.

Issues that the journal covers include:

  • Agricultural policies
  • Agricultural trade
  • Agrifood products and services
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship and management in agribusiness
  • Food safety
  • Values chain and supply chain
  • Distribution and retailing
  • Human resources and qualification in agribusiness
  • Finance services in rural area and agribusiness
  • Rural tourism management
  • Information technology in agribusiness and rural development