The impact of Covid-19 on students’ performance – Case of Albania

Lirola Keri 1*, Albana Jupe2, Ervi Kosta3
1Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Albania
2Departament of Finance and Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania
3IDRA Research and Consulting, Tirana, Albania


This study analyses the experience of distance learning in pandemic conditions during the academic year 2020-2021 in the higher education system in Albania. The purpose of this study is the evaluation of students’ performance at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels before and during the pandemic period. This performance was measured from the students’ point of view through a questionnaire and from the academic standpoint through the final assessment. The results of this study reveal social, economic, and legislative issues that need to be addressed and discussed at the decision-making level. Based on the analysis of the indicators in this study, we find that the average grade has changed significantly. The students didn’t have efficiency in learning, which negatively affected their work positioning. Lastly, some important recommendations are provided that will help improve the online learning approach.

Keywords: distance learning, students approach, high education level
JEL Codes: A29

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