COVID-19 Crisis Management in Small Business

Denisa Kurtaj1[1], Irma Qinami2, Manuela Rati3
1*Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania,
2Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania,
3Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania,


Business has been affected and directly affected by the global pandemic crisis. The global pandemic from COVID-19, has directly affected the level of sales and business operations in Albania, increasing uncertainty among consumers and significantly reducing the level of sales.
The main goal is to identify the management strategies of COVID-19 in small business in Tirana. To meet this goal, a questionnaire was conducted and distributed online through social networks in various businesses operating in the city of Tirana. The results have shown that COVID-19 has had a significant impact not only on business finances, but also has a direct impact on the operation and sustainability of the business, especially in terms of raw material provision, ordering, distribution, the level of sales, the way of perceiving physical and online purchases, etc.

Keywords: Strategy, Problem Management during COVID-19, Small Business
JEL Codes: M3, D 20

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