Dear reader,

I would like to share with you the news that the Journal of Economy and Agribusiness (JEA) as a vital part of the Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness (FEA) at the Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT) has resumed publication after a long suspension. It represents a valuable asset in the research life of a faculty where a whole generation of academics have made their contribution.
We are proud to have reached another milestone in our journal’s timeline: the 12th volume of 2020.

The motivation to resume the publishing activity of the journal comes as a result of the rapid change in the agribusiness system in Albania, socio-economic developments, the new phase in which higher education has entered and the research capacities of our faculty. These have proven to be sufficient indicators that we should continue publishing the JEA.

We are aware that the introduction, the organizing and the publishing of JEA is a challenge, even more so in an online/open access version, considering the highly competitive global environment. However, JEA has a distinguished international scientific board as well as a serious commitment of academic staff to editorial and scientific boards. They represent a new vision and new ambition. JEA reaches readers through a modern and improved website. FEA is continuously engaged with new projects and this journal is the outcome of the everyday hard and persistent work of a group of colleagues whom, given the occasion, I would like to thank.

This journal is a medium through which researchers are able to share their contributions in their respective fields, while also supporting the academic activity of the faculty.
This journal is a very good opportunity for every researcher in Albania or abroad to be part of a scientific medium. Their work can be published in Albanian or in English, enclosed all subjects related to Economy, Agribusiness and Rural Development, as an added value for a society which prospers and relentlessly marches forward.


Prof. Dr. Remzi KECO
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness
Agricultural University of Tirana

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