Evaluation of the Efficiency of some Hotels in Albania through DEA Data Analyses

Mariana Nikolla1, Albana Boçi2 , Nikos Como3 , Xhulja Dedndreaj4

For this study, the model DEA has been applied in order to analyse and improve the efficiency of one of the most renowned hotels in Albania. For the 12 hotels included in the study, the following criteria have been taken into consideration: the credibility, reassurance, assets, sensitivity, feedback and results (output) regarding the perceived quality of the service. The questionnaires conducted for every hotel by the established bodies have been assigned a nominal rating between 0 and 1 for input and output. The analysis showed that the hotels with the efficiency Dea 1 are: Tirana International, Mak Albania, Freud and Soleil hotels. The model Dea not only enables us to measure the performance of the hotels but also shows us the path to ameliorate the efficiency of the involved hotels which are revealed during the study to display a relatively low performance. The aim is of course to increase the competition among hotels and give them an incentive in order to satisfy and fulfil the customer’s needs and expectations. The obtained results are based on the total net worth of both input and output. Doubtlessly, the obtained results show us ways into how we can improve the efficiency of the hotels.

Keywords: The Dea model, efficiency, input, output, hotel, tourism

JEL Codes: A10, C2, C14, C61, C67

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