Analyzing Consumer Awareness and Perceptions about Food Safety in the Context of a European Transition Country Applying Segmentation Approach

Drini Imami1,*, Edvin Zhllima2, Engjell Skreli3

Albania has faced serious problems with the national food safety control system in terms of legislation, control and enforcement, which represents a major concern for consumers. The objective of this paper is to analyze consumer awareness about food safety in Tirana, the capital and the largest city of Albania. Analyzes is based on segmentation based on socio-demographic factors, applying two-step clustering. Most consumers state that they are not aware about HACCP, ISO or National Food Authority – however awareness varies by consumer clusters according to socio-demographic background. Clusters consisting of higher educated consumers tend to be more familiar with food safety institutions and certification.

Keywords: Food safety, consumer behavior, cluster analysis, certification, Albania
JEL Codes: D12, D18

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