Mobile agribusiness technology in Albanian farm

MSc. Amelina Ahmeti, MSc. Jona Mulliri, Doc. Brunilda Gjini
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT


Recently, there is an important role of Information Technology not only on business but also on agribusiness development in Albania. There are many kinds of applications that have been applied to help businesses in Albania. All of them are used to automate the work of registration of inputs and outputs. As result, the applications calculate the profits and other expenses of actual business. Based on the development of technology and agribusiness there will be discussed these points on this research study:

  1. There is a lack of technology usage from Albanian farmers in order to develop and help their work. These farmers need applications that make possible the automation of informing and taking care of their animals.
  2. There are proposed some software that can be also used in Albania to help farmers on the growth of their animals. These applications are called mobilefarm which will be described.

This study research also shows the conditions that the mobilefarms should be used to give their results. There are presented the advantages and the reasons why these new technology achievements should be applied in Albania. MobileFarm is a great achievement that many Albanian farmers should use to improve the services on their farms.

Keywords: MobileFarm, mobile technology, application


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