Applying an approach for evaluation of ecosystem services in a protected area. Case study: AL- Prespa Park

Dorina Grazhdani, Maksim Meço
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT


Ecosystems are declining worldwide, largely due to ignorance of their value to humans and inadequate social and economic mechanisms to encourage individuals to invest in maintaining them. This paper aimed to both inform decision makers and identify their priorities for management of ecosystem services in a protected area. For this reason, a deliberative process based on citizens’ juries was used, aided by multi-criteria evaluation. A probabilistic multi-criteria evaluation software tool was used interactively to aid the decision-makers in their deliberations. The main elements of our approach were: the engagement of stakeholders in participative research; the topology identification of ecosystem services in AL-Prespa; the priorities assessment for ecosystem services management in case study and assessment of ecosystem services value for Albanian part of Prespa Park (AL – Prespa Park). The taken results are encouraging. The approach described in this study may be applied to larger ecosystems with a broader range of ecosystem services to be valued.

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