Empirical assessment and problems of impact and efficiency of the government financial support to agriculture-case of Lushnja

 MSc. Adelida Osmani1, Prof. Myslym Osmani2
1Credins Bank, Tiranë
2Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT


In this paper we are trying to empirically assess the impact and efficiency of state support to agriculture given since year 2007. We are based on data collected through questionnaires in the Lushnja district. Most of data collected are qualitative in their nature. We use econometric modeling to estimate relationships between impact and efficiency and a number of their presumed factors. We find out that adequacy of support measures to the agroecological conditions, quality of projects, transparency of projects’ selection process and fairness of the selection process is among the most important factors that influence on the impact and efficiency of the support measures.

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