Development of the main macroeconomic indicators in Albania

 Telida Kalaja1, Prof. Dr. Donika Kerçini2
1“B.I.A.P” Sh.p.k.
2Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT

The economic and financial crisis from the last years, continues to affect the economies of many countries at global level. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of these countries has known a serious decline. Albania is one of the countries that try to redress from the decline of the last years. This study is focused on how has evolved the economy through the analysis of the contribution of direct taxes in the composition of the general consolidated budget, of the evolution of the economic growth, of the evolution of the gross domestic product. Even in Albania, although GDP growth continued to be positive, the drop in remittances from abroad – representing an average of 1 billion euros per year – is another sign of the impact of the crisis on the Albanian economy, which led to the decline of investment and consumer.

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