Banking system and performing on actual economic development, a analysis between Albanian and Kosovo Banking system

 Msc. Fehmi Azemi1, Prof. Dr. Drini Salko2, Msc. Fiqiri Baholli2
1“Rima Engineering” Prishtine, Kosove
2Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT


Developments of the last decade on the banking systems of Albania and Kosovo are reflecting extensive growth with some intensive actions. This can be observed on the extended network of banking activities and also on the new contemporary products and services on the banking markets of two countries. At the same time this process is affording the direct and indirect impact of global financial crisis affecting both banking systems. The most clear indication is related with the increase on the non-performing loans. This paper is focused on the analyses of the banking activity during the last decade on Albania and Kosovo and the recent performance of banks. The analyses on the banking systems developments and its performance in both countries is taking into the consideration the comparison of the data based in the statistical information of their monetary authorities. Furthermore this paper is giving some findings, conclusions and recommendations for further improvements on the future performance of two banking systems.


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