The farmer and the land market in the Orikum area

Lindita Mukli
Universiti “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës


The aim of this paper is to identify the relationship between the farmer and the land market in the Oricum municipality and interdependencies among them in the benefit of meeting the objectives in the agricultural sector. The literature describes the agricultural farm as a productive unit, social and consumer of agricultural production. Targets that need to be fulfilled as part of the agricultural farms, do not match its economic figures should be, the farmer, who bears the gender aspect problems, age, its origin, level of education. These farmer features often are an obstacle on normal development of the farm. Under these conditions, the farm has obstacles on the normal development as the objectives of SSBU require and perspective to be part of the big EU family.
From the analysis of surveys in our area of study we conclude that the farmer features (age, level of education, his background) affect the land market. Younger farmers, indigenous or not, are more likely to sell the land area in possession, than to use for agricultural production. Direct contacts between the actors of a land transaction market are more preferable than contacts through a third: Realtor or sales offices.

Keywords: farmer, farm size, land market, buyer, seller.




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