The importance of money management audit in public institutions of Kosovo

MSc. Shaqir Rexhepi
Operator Sistemi Transmisioni dhe Tregu, Prishtinë, Kosovë


The management of public money in Kosovo, assessment tasks and responsibilities which possess relevant institutions for the proper and efficient functioning of these institutions, has a priority important for an advanced society. Therefore, the paper analyzes the key factors of audit that having on operational management of public money. The aims of the paper are to research the necessary parameters for changes on the achievements and improvements that the institution has been able to apply to the objectives and continuous improvement in risk management, control and governance processes of public money. It is known that the primary purpose of the audit is to detect deviations from prescribed standards, and violations of the principles of legality, efficiency and cost in financial management. Also, should make it possible to undertake corrective measures in individual cases, to make people responsible for activities to take responsibility to prevent or reduce such violations that may conflict with legal norms and principles within an institution. To express a functional and fair trial based on the principles of auditing standards, the auditor must be provided sufficient evidence of accurate. Audit opinion increases the reliability of high financial reporting persuading his/her, but not audited notes are free from material misstatement.

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