The new technologies and new business opportunities in agriculture

Tamara Luarasi
Departamenti i Informatikës Ekonomike, Matematikës dhe Statistikës, Universiteti Europian i Tiranës


There are news in TV and other media where the following problem is raised: The farmers work to produce the agricultural products, and they do not have the possibility to sell them for various reasons. One of the reasons is the lack of the possibility to find a market, and even if the market exists there is not a practical possibility to transport the agricultural products to a particular destination. This is a problem in Albania especially for the regions without good roads or for the regions that are very far from the market places. This situation suggests the initiative to create a business that will play the role of a broker between the farmers, markets and the transportation companies, and makes possible the transportation in time of the agricultural products to a specific market that needs these products. “In time”, is a very important concept for this kind of business, because the time is an added cost to the food price. This concept “in time” can be achieved by the use of the Information Technology and Communication. It is the information in time that makes possible to find in time the market and transport the products in time. When we say information “in time” we understand communication and information technology. This kind of broker-like business can be extended into many other areas, and in Albania this process is just in its first steps. This article proposes an ICT strategy in order to address this problem. It consists of a database, where the necessary information is stored, like the farmer data, transportation company data, market data, and the daily data, like the requests for sales and purchases which are quite variable all the time. This database can be used by mobile applications to achieve an efficient interaction between different actors.
An approach is presented in this article that implements this idea.

Keywords: ICTin Agriculture, Google App Engine, Cloud SQL, web application, mobile application

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