The effect of land heritance in agriculture (Study area: Orikum municipality, New Dukat, Dukat Village)

Lindita Mukli1, Natasha Hodaj2, Eris Zeqo3
1&3University of Durrës
2Agricultural University of Tirana


The economic and social development in Albania after the year 1990 has dramatically changed the political, economic and social life. In Albania a functional private economy was created, a real and competitive market was formed. Free and willing initiative took place which changed the economical actors of the place. Like in every sector, in agriculture, the production machines were massively used in producing and farming the land. The pressure toward agriculture was massively increased especially near the big cities, coastal zones and main national roads, by making more necessary the usage of other economic sectors.
By knowing the law Nr.9501 of the year 1991 which concerns the fact of division and development of the land, this study deals with analyzing the effect of land ownership in the area and studying their future. This analyze will be held in the area of Orikum, an area in which tourism is in the developing stage, which increases the usage of the land between agricultural and urban.
From the analyzes mode in our land of studies, we conclude that the process of land division increases the traditional problems of extreme agricultural land division. Farms are losing more and more their function as the primary economical benefactor. Forcing tourism growth leads to increased land division and total separation to ferms and agricultural lands.

Keyword: Heritance, agricultural farms, agriculture, Orikum municipality

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