Small Businesses, the need for funding. (The Albanian case)

PhD Candidate Uarda Hoti
Lecturer, University “Aleksander Moisiu


In this paper we analyze Albanian small businesses, their importance, the need for funding and the difficulties this category is experiencing in the recent years. The study identifies the funding sources for this category of business. Another important element of this study is the analysis of the funding process and the entrepreneur’s and businesses characteristic’s role in the process.
Therefore subject to study are a considerable number of small businesses, mainly in Tirana district. From analysis, the result is that funding for this category of business in the recent years has been decreasing, while the demand and their efforts to secure additional funding are increasing. The consequences of this situation caused to a certain small business number, to go through serious financial difficulties as a result of a contracted economic activity.

Keywords: small business, bank loan, commercial loan.







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