Modeling of knowledge management among Lecturers in the University “Aleksander Moisiu”, Durres

 Erisa Musabelli1, Olta Nexhipi1, Xhensild Bajraktari2
1Universiteti “A. Moisiu”, Durrës
2Universiteti Tiranës,Manaxher ,BBI Group


This study argues that knowledge sharing behavior is a kind of organizational citizenship behavior as such: (1) the two variables should be strongly positively correlated and (2) strong predictors of organizational citizenship behavior should also strongly predict knowledge sharing behavior. Empirical data were sourced from lecturers in Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës. Knowledge sharing behavior and organizational citizenship behavior were significantly positively correlated; organizational commitment was a significant predictor of organizational citizenship behavior; job satisfaction and organizational commitment were significantly positively correlated.
Contrary to expectations, however, both job satisfaction and organizational commitment were unrelated to knowledge sharing behavior.

Keywords: Organizational citizenship behavior, knowledge sharing behavior, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, knowledge management.


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