Enterprise valuation and the afflux analysis

Ph Candidate Xhelal Mziu, MSc. Violeta Doçi,  MSc. Ardi Bezo
Fakulteti i Ekonomisë dhe Agrobiznesit, UBT


Accounting analysis, alone, does not provide full information on the affluxes generated by the enterprise. Therefore the accounting analysis cannot be separated by the afflux analysis. In essence, through the economic accounting and information which derive from the comparison of the successive state properties the casting of these affluxes is enabled. But where do these affluxes depend on? Generally, we can say that the affluxes are produced by the policies of the administration which generate sizes, which we typically find in the economic Accounting and the State property.
We underline that the importance of the financial statement, as an instrument of the analysis of the enterprise, is acknowledged also by International Accounting Standards (IAS), which present the financial statement, along with the State property, economic accounting and with the explaining Notes, as an integral part of the exercise balance. Not only that. All the processes of the financial planning demand the acknowledgment of the techniques of afflux analysis, as they are the basis of the drawing of the financial plans and casting of the financial needs.
The evaluation of the risk of an enterprise seeks, above all, the analysis of its balances. The more “distanced” by the enterprise and the more it gets away from the conditions of its balances, the more is considered the level of its risk. Precisely in this article we shall bring forward proofs which support this conclusion.

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