The role of information technology in SME’s competitiveness

Dr. Orkida Totojani, Dr. Ilir Kapaj, Prof. As. Dr. Ana Mane
Universiteti Bujqësor i Tiranës


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are very important for the Albanian economy. They comprise more than 98 % of the all enterprises registered in the country. Different agencies have supported and sustained their development. SMEs’ development and their contribution in the economic long term stability are depended on their size and structure. Moreover, SMEs have the flexibility and the capability that can be easily adapted in highly competitive markets. Modern economies operate as a network of complex firms in which the competitive position of a firm depends partly on the suppliers’ efficiency. Therefore, the competitiveness of SMEs influence and have an impact on the position of the economy competitiveness.
The main objective of the paper is to examine ways of using information technology in SMEs.
A hypothesis is formulated and is answered during data analysis and results interpretation in order to fulfill the study objectives. Information technology is one of the main challenges that SMEs face. The main reason of using information technology is to secure competitive advantage. City of Tirana and Durrësi was chosen for data collection. This study was based on quantitative research method. A questionnaire survey was developed and distributed among respondents and was analyzed by using SPSS program. The sample size was selected randomly and in the same way is chosen a proportional percentage of enterprises. The main purpose of choosing a random sample was to ensure a good representation of enterprises’ size.

Keywords: SME, competitiveness, information technology.

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