Albanian Rural Development Strategy impacts

 Dr. Etleva Muça (Dashi)1, Dr. Fatmir Guri1, M.Sc. Erisa Çela2 , Dr. Ledia Thoma1
1Fakulteti i Ekonomisë dhe Agrobiznesit, UBT
2UN Women, Albania


Rural Development Strategy (RDS) in Albania is experiencing strategic changes. Nowadays, activities undertaken in its framework should fully comply with the axes of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in order to take advantage form the EU funding programmes. These activities sould also be supported by specific public policies based on the characteristics of the Albanian rural society. This article aims at giving some recommendations to the policy makers and all the other stakeholders while designing, improving and implementing the new RDS 2013-2020. These recommendations are result of an analysis on the problematic the actual SRD presented in Albania and the most known approaches of CAP such as: Liberalism, conservatism and renationalism.

Keywords: Rural Development, SRD, CAP, Rural Development Program


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