Typical local products and territorial development: economic-spatial analysis. Case study area of Derven, Tepelena

 Valter Hoxha


Economic and political change in Albania after the collapse of the dictatorial system and the reforms undertaken during the transition period has caused serious questions for local producers in rural areas for the development. Facing the several infrastructure production problems, the competition in the market and the capture of the value added was a mission impossible. In these similar cases, the strategy of the differentiation in the market trough the specific and typical products for many economies of developed countries, is today a reality. Our objective was to verify the part that can have these local products in the development of the mountain area of Derven, Tepelenë. It comes to products of animal origin (milk, meat and honey) and those of plant origin (olive and olive oil for table). After a spatial and economic analysis (sheep, goat, cow, and bee) and local oil tree, we get a conclusion that the orientation and the rational management of resources for production and marketing under a sign Quality (AOP, IGP) of these products will be considered as a powerful locomotive for the regeneration and the development of this territory.

Key words: typical local products, territorial development, Derven-area.

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