Online Marketing

  Dr. Ilir Kaduku, Doc. Dr. Fran Brahimi


As marketing online is an innovation in Albania, I thought to dedicate a special theme, separated from the other themes, which are based on the traditional marketing. Information and Communication Technology (CT program in private and public sector remain very popular and attract very good the market. In recent past, there has been an increase in the enrolment of ICT programs in the traditional areas of computer science, electronic engineering, computer engineering and in the newer areas of information systems and software engineering. Using this model (Marketing Online, these papers conclude that the focus of Marketing should be optimistic and realistic. Building this system with the programs based in on market demand has raised world of marketing economic profile.The result of research in this paper presents that this project is a major step in the field of marketing.
A marketing online system implementation plan in our country could be built upon existing Community programs aimed at the research, at the regional innovation, at the specific needs of consumer, business and community.I think that the initial step could be the creation of a consensus among a community of players which refines and improves the concept and the vision, builds a large community, identifies the initial enabling technologies (subject to a continuous evolution), identifies the business sector and geographical areas which will act as initial nodes of innovation and testing.

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