Globalization, opportunities and challenges for everyone

Msc. Arjana Konomi, Msc. Arjola Mitaj, Doc. Alketa Bejko


Globalization can be determined as the increased communication between people and countries as a result of development in transport, communication and information technology. Economists usually use the term of globalization to refer to international integration of goods, capital and labor markets. In this paper we will treat globalization qualitative characteristics in developed and developing countries, highlighting the trends of globalization and market- oriented policies in the world economy, arguing the idea that when developing countries grow faster, the links between OECD countries and those that are not part of OECD, are intensified.
Through this paper will be emphasized some positive and negative effects of globalization, in order to understand that, if we have to do with problems, to take the appropriate measures to solve them, if they are benefits- to manage them properly. Challenges ahead are the largest that has ever faced humanity. All problems, including here, those that can come from globalization but also those that can be a result of technological developments, have something in common that affect all of us and therefore cannot be called problems of a single region but problems across the globe. In the ending part, briefly are given the conclusions of the paper.

Key words: Globalization, Integration, developed and developing countries, Economic growth.

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