Analysis of the financial sustainability of Procredit bank related to agricultural loan

 M.Sc. Julian Lekoçaj, M.Sc. Jonida Lekoçaj


Pro Credit Bank has always been one of the best microfinance institutions in Albania. In this article we will see the role of this institution regarding the Agricultural Loans and the farmers business demands on financial support.
The bank’s focus on the Agricultural Loans is actually being one of the best products which is giving to this bank the good reputation for this type of loan clients. We will see the entire bank’s activity through years and through charts regarding on all the information collected by the bank’s members and websites. Despite the bad situation that all the microfinance institutions are passing because of the business changing politics, Pro Credit is still continuing on the same steps to approve and collect Agricultural loans for an increased number of clients.

Key words: Procredit Bank, Agricultural Loan, Financial Sustainability, Farmers

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