Analysis of consumer preferences for apple in Albania

Dr. Drini Imami, Prof. Ass. Dr. Engjëll Skreli, Dr. Edvin Zhllima, Alban Cela


This paper analysis consumer purchasing behavior for apple based on a field structured survey. Supermarkets still play a minor role in the trade of fresh fruits (and vegetables) – only 5% of interviewees in Tirana state that they buy mainly at supermarkets. Most consumers buy apples from green vendors. Few (about 4%) buy directly from producers. Consumers that buy mainly from producers and groceries perceive as the main source of apple quality and safety, trust in the seller, followed by personal observation – trust in institutions that are responsible for enforcing food safety and quality systems is very low. Whereas those buying mainly at green vendors and supermarkets rely mostly on personal observation as the key source of quality and safety, and perceive trust in institutions as the second source of quality and safety while they consider less important trust in retailer. Consumers that buy from the same vendor, perceive as main source of quality trust in the vendor whereas consumers that buy mostly from different buyers, rely mostly on personal observation.

Key words: Apples, consumer preferences

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