Analyses situation to agro-food sector of between Kosovo, CEFTA and EU – The special emphasis to balance trade

 MSc. Njazi Bytyqi, MSc. Ardita Jahja


This paper aims to analysis situation leading agro-food sector, the special emphasis on the comparison between the balance trade with countries members of CEFTA, the European Union and other countries. Kosovo economy during 2009 has after rising gross domestic product from 2.9% in 2010 of 3.9%. while during the last 2011 there was growth of 3.7%. Gross domestic product (GDP), per capita in Kosovo during the last three years has been € 2.247 for the year 2009, for 2010 was € 2. 382, and 2011 was € 2.510 (Table 1). Agro-food sector has traditionally been among the sector with favorable in Kosovo, now this sector is neglected and most of the agro-food products are imported. About 37% of Kosovo population is classified as poor, to living on less than € 1.42 per day, while 15% is below the extreme poverty line of € 0,93 per day (Word Bank, 2007). Agro-food sector is a sector that plays an important role in Kosovo economy, which contributes about 21% in the general e economy level (Table 1). Contribution of agro-food sector in the overall level is relatively high.

Key words: agro-food sector, balance trade, gross domestic product, economy growth.

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