Project management, a necessity for recognition and implementation by businesses and organizations as a whole Xhevdet Kopani, Doc. Dr. Fran Brahimi


This article deals with the actual situation regarding the management of projects in all organisations, be them private or public.
Project management is a new area which started to be studied and implemented in Albania only after 2000. Anyway, the history of project management is a relatively new, nearly 20 years now, also to the organisations of other countries.
Considering its impact of the proper management of projects, the knowledge and understanding of concepts on projects and their management is of utmost importance.
The diversity of projects is great; therefore the challenge all organisations, including agricultural farms or cooperatives, are facing in the future is the design of a methodology based on the adequate management of projects, project analysis, project risk analysis, its organisation, etc.
This article deals with some of the concepts related to projects, the need for their management, project phases, its organisation, the role of different project actors and gives some recommendations for the future.



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