Aspects of economic development in agricultural farms in Kosovo

MSc. Shaqir Rexhepi


The rural and agricultural development of Kosova is the main. Part of its society development, and the primary component of economic development. Starting from economic development aspect in this paper have been analyzed, problems, methods, strategies and the aspects which effects the development and efficacity of agricultural improvement respectively farms in the Republic of Kosova. As specific analyze we have used statistical data of nowadays situation of Kosovo agriculture, investment done in this area, the strategic objectives which had been used by Ministry of Forest, Agriculture and Rural Development. It is well known that production have a big impact on economic improvement and its stability. Based on this, economic parameters analysis will have special importance on realizing of criteria and specificities for businesses, focused on farms of the Republic of Kosovo.
Practicing and seeing of economic aspects will help those private economies to have an effective approach in their stability in the country daily economic environment, and to have more serious and real opportunities to sell their products in the region and broadly.

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