The impact of global crisis on the liquidity of businesses in the Pollog region

 PhD Cand. Rametulla Ferati, Prof. Dr. Myslim Osmani, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Hidajet Shehu


In this paper we analyze the impact of global crisis on the liquidity of businesses in the Pollog region – republic of Macedonia, namely we used cross-sectional analysis, by which we measure the effects of the crisis. From present practice lighten the impact of the crisis situation on the liquidity of businesses. Measure the change of the average liquidity in periods of high business and short time sheets for significant changes. It is observed that changing the liquidity of small and often variation short compared to that of large businesses, but on the other side at the same time reflected the strong influence of aggregates and liquidity in the markets on large businesses, especially in the last decade. Absolutely, the return of funds transfer request respectively in the first term represents one of the important determinants of liquidity. Therefore, the measurement of the sensitivity of assets returns is an important factor, which depends on the size of the firm, the volatile returns, turnover, institutional holdings, etc., who in some way the factors influencing the measurement and structure of liquidity. The sample consists of 52 enterprises operating in the Pollog region. The data used in empirical analysis are obtained from annual reports of business development.
From the results of the paper is expected to highlight determinants who have more impact on the liquidity of businesses.

Key words: crisis, liquidity determinants, effects, businesses

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