Financial dynamics scheme: Balanced Scorecard strategic control instrument of enterprise

Dr. Ina Pagria1, Msc. Eralda Shore2, MSc. Albert Lusha3


Balanced Scorecard methodology was born in 1992 in an article published in Harvard Business Review by Robert Kaplan and David Norton entitled “The balanced Scorecard. The Measure That drive performance”. The Model formulated by the authors gives a vision of various “balanced” components of enterprise management.
So balanced Scorecard represents a strategic control methodology used in a multidimensional framework for describing, adapt and manage the enterprise strategy with the aim to express the mission and the strategy in a series of performance indicators.
In this way is presented a new management system in which the balanced Scorecard has the contribution to coordinate the short-term operational objectives with long term strategic objectives, comparing or not financial size, indicators of the past with trend indicators, internal point of views of performance with external etc.
The continuous evolution of the macroeconomic scenarios forces the enterprise to require innovative models to face the ongoing challenges of a more ardent competition. It means acting in an extremely dynamic environment, where to administer instability is necessary to have an efficient control system and strategy.

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