The growth of enterprises and problems of marketing management in the wine industry

Doc. Dr. Remzi Keco, Prof. Dr. Bahri Musabelliu, Doc. Dr. Ilir Kapaj,
Prof. As. Dr. Maksim Meço, Dr. Alban Jaupi
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT, Tirana


The dynamic global and regional situation of wine markets has turning marketing management and orientation of wine producers in the country, is a determinant factor for maximizing market opportunities and avoid threats that come from growing competition in this sector.
Albanians, compared with the European consumer, consume a small amount of wine, derived from different socio-economic factors, but despite this fact the demand for this product has been increasing continuously.
Despite the continuous increase in the supply of wine from the processing industry but also artisan producers, the import of wine has seen a steady rise throughout the years. This phenomenon is more seemed if we consider the advantages that foreign manufacturers have in technologies of production, quality, labeling, packaging, etc.
Currently in our country, ways of wine distribution are closely related to the amount of output provided by the processing unit. From observations, it is noted that ways followed by large processing units and the small ones, are very different and the orientation of enterprises is in many cases unclear.
Fundamental importance to the success in the market has the image of wine. This image does not arise solely on tradition and efforts in the production phase, the brand name, or the origins and the region.
From this point of view, the marketing management continues to be very important.

Keyword: wine industry, strategic orientation, marketing management.

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