Small and medium enterprises in relation to the advertising as part of marketing. Case of Kosovo

MSc. Njazi Bytyqi1 , Prof. Asc. Hidajet Shehu2, Prof. Dr. Arben Verçuni2
1 Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of. Pristina
2 Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT, Tirana


The main object of this paper is to study the relations between advertising and small enterprises and medium. Date from this study is based on the method of primary data collected through the survey method with representatives of several businesses in Kosovo (mainly in the Pristina region), while those obtained from field data were analyzed by SPSS statistical software. Including the sample is based on taken with representatives of companies manufacturing servicing, trading, super and mini markets. The obtained results show that 53.3% of respondents said that advertising is part of marketing. Representatives of businesses think that regardless of the products sold or not sold to those who should be advertising, so that businesses is aware of what customers demand in the market, then create a connection in the form to chain-market business-consumer marketing. Over 90% of the interviewers stated that advertising in an investment that benefits business. Interviewers note that if a business has good things, must invest in manufacturing and in advertising. About 60% of business representatives have emphasized that when making the decision to advertise their products or services they would hire the enterprise that its activity has advertising (marketing).


Key words: Small and medium enterprises, adverting, marketing, interviewers, comparative analysis.


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