The impact of Economic Crisis and Debts in Local Government Finance

Dr. Fran Brahimi, Doc. Msc. Belinda Meshini, Msc. Nezir Haldeda
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT, Tirana


The article analyses the financial and economic crises which are felt in most of the European countries. Analyses of financial and economic crises and their impact in local finance are analyzed in focusing on functions and competencies of local government.
The article elaborates the impact of financial and economic global crises in Albania Economy, level of Albania decentralization and impacted of economic crises which have affected of local government activities in Albania.
The article elaborates theory and practice effected of crises in Albania and the measures that are going to take to minimize the negative effect.
In the final this article are given the finds and recommendations to reduce the negative crises effect and also to built the best practice to increase in maximum the immunity eventual national, regional and international economic crises in the future.


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