The quality of agricultural products as an indicator for new investments and increased competitiveness of farms

Mr. Ilaz Ameti1, Prof. Dr. Donika Kërçini2
1Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Institute of Economics, Skopje
2Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, AUT, Tirana



Product quality is more and more considered to be a key factor of competitiveness. Establishing of quality system is not aim, it is a mean for achieving competitiveness advantage, that is a basic postulate of quality management concept TMQ. Costs of production factors on husbandry/corporation have defined the cost price, while sales price is formed on the base of market circumstances. It is very important that costs are on level which offers to husbandry a profitable and competitive operation with a given product market price. In this paper work are analyzes basic element of products quality improvement, possibilities for new investments and better competitiveness of agricultural husbandry.

Key words: products quality, competitiveness, investments, risk, husbandry, costs.


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