Peri-urban agriculture and rural-urban reciprocity

Stilian Apostoli, Edmond Kadiu
Agricultural University of Tirana



Even in Albanian agriculture, the transition has evidenced one reduction to economies and peasantry families together with reduction wellagriculture land who transferable in urban territory. In function to fuel tank of available resources so necessary for the development of industry, construction, tourism and others tertiary sectors, by land, human labor, etc. to result from among their and agriculture he may have as collaborative connection so and contesting connected a land. Therefore, middle village and city to install one perspective reciprocality, where urban centers a treatment as if economical organism, with adequate functions for civilized, and direct one tendency triple for primary sector: its specialization, intensification and sektorization.
In to transform of agriculturales land in urbans contain in consideration one complex factors, pore lands remnants for agriculture to be legible periurban surface area for agriculture, that to continue observe from city with its products. This agriculture be multifunctionality, diversifications and pluriativity, for past by productions paradigm in paradigm of multifunctionality.
As if component part of typological agrarian farms, that periurban to reflect substances characteristics of urban zone where it’s located. World literatures to offer experiences who in condition specified agriculture periurban, be possible transformate in agriculture urban or and verticale, one tendency interesting long prospect, in functions to living conditions for society. All the same, requested to revolutionary spirit of economy, political economies and contemporary society.


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