Methodology for evaluating credit risk

Dr. Behar Male, Prof. Asoc. Hidajet Shehu, Prof. Asoc Palok Kolnikaj



The application of Basel 2 rules for credit risk management, expose the problem of criteria for establishing the rating and, in particular, the methodology for evaluating credit risk, whether expressed by scoring, if exist, or given through consideration of analyst. Protagonist of the financial system are hotly debated topics on the rating application, with many vision contrast, the debate concentrate more on the topic of quality of relationships with customers, the risk of restricting or rationing of credit. A little or not at all attention had booked at the quality of data used for the analysis of credit but, mainly, related methods and techniques in one place, coming from a long experience of multi-banking and poor connections with customers. That is why are verified reliability and ability of the enterprise crisis signaling through two different analytical approaches: the first based on traditional instruments used by banks, through static analysis of the balance indicators, the second building methodology based on dynamic analysis of flows through Cash, whose goal is to determine the evolution of the financial needs of the enterprise.

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