Economic and financial logic or paradox?

M.Sc. Jak Simoni, Doc. Dr. Arif S. Murrja
 Universiteti “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës



This article deals with the impact of the continuous technological progress and the global society of consumption on the human being, an impact which obviously increases welfare, goods, opportunities, but sometimes causes even shocks, concern, anxiety and even paranoia. The interpretations of well-known contemporary authors in this field, which offer a tempting invitation to reflect, represent a great help to understand how a human being is affected and adapted, and which his future in the global society of consumption is. The question is: does a human being act upon reason or has the human reason become a subsidiary of the economical apparatus and how is a man being involved in a consumption race which often exceeds economical and financial opportunities? How does a human being in this process become a prey of mass behavior, of inappropriate consumption, of conformism (which levels and probates) and often, even of confusion? How is the mental plant of the modern individual in total service of the activity of production and how has the human being become a gear of this mechanism?

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