Development vision of Korca region focused on population welfare growth

  Fehmi Xhemo, Eleni Vangjeli, Rrezarta Hoxhallari
 “Fan S. Noli” University, Korça, Albania,



Balanced regional development will be the challenge of the future on the grounds that regional inequality continues to be present in Albania demonstrated by several important indicators of development such as GDP, poverty index, that of human development and employment, etc. Measurement of disadvantage in the district indicates that regional inequality is unevenly distributed even within the county. The same pattern of distribution of inequality appears even at the municipal and communal level within the same district and region, indicating that there are disadvantaged communes even within the most disadvantaged regions.
Achieving quality and highest level of living in Korça is realized and has consolidated the continuity between a multilateral partnership between public sector organizations and civil society, where economic stability, social, cultural and ecological are complementary and reinforce each other.
The aim is that through decentralization and strengthening of local autonomy to be combined and harmonized the constitutional prerogatives with self-government in view of the needs of the institutions structuring taking into the consideration the European model.
Vision and strategy of regional development are linked and are strengthened with initiatives that are coming from farmers and the business community, NGOs and individuals.
In 2015 the Region of Korça would be an attractive area to work and live, which would assure all citizens a higher level of living.
The focus of the ongoing regional development will aim at providing work for partnership development, design and implementation of process-oriented method and setting the target area of focus.

Keywords: regional development, vision, strategy, welfare, sustainable development, partnership, oriented method, focus areas

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