Perspectives for the territorial rural development in Albania

Elvira Leksinaj1, Matteo Belletti2, Roberto Petrocchi2, Maksim Meço1
 1Fakulteti i Ekonomisë dhe Agrobiznesit, UBT
2Fakulteti i Bujqësisë, Departamenti SAIFET, Universiteti i Ankonës, Itali


This paper focuses primarily on the aspect of local development in Albania. In it there will be presented a comprehensive overview of instruments critical to policy formulation and to the development of local agricultural systems in the primary sector.
First of all, the paper’s intent and purpose is to identify the potentials existential to various types of farms encountered in the region which will be the very focus of the study. A better acquaintance with the regional agriculture does not mean only a wealth of information over the manufacturing characteristics and the farms structure, but also help gain a deeper understanding into the sustainability of farm equilibriums and their capacities in relation to the structural and organizational adaptation. To achieve this, by way of this paper we intend to evaluate the sustainability and the potentiality of incomes in the various types of farms as well as to conduct an analysis into the relationship of supply chain and into the competitiveness of the production system.
This is concerned with the competitive systems at both local and overseas levels. The ability to reward factors of production and the ability of farms to generate incomes represents the key element on the basis of which lies the analysis of possible transformation processes of farms and their development, as to be expected in the future.

Key words: local farming systems, representative farms

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