Analysis of consumer preferences for dairy product, in focus of market segmentation in Albania

Dr. Ana Kapaj (Mane), Dr. Eda Deci, Dr. Ilir Kapaj, Fehmi Xhemo

As milk is a very important component of the Albanians diet, this study explores consumer preferences for milk in Albania and also tries to determine consumer types based on their preferences and socio-demographic factors. To reach these objectives, this study designed a conjoint choice experiment survey and collected primary data in the most populated cities of Albania. Than the data were analyzed using Latent class method to determine wine attribute preferences and the socio-demographics of milk consumers. This study is of great interest as the results provide useful information to different stakeholders including milk producers and importers. The milk industry and its marketers may benefit from this information by using it to strategically market their milk to different groups.
Based on the results, marketing strategies and policy recommendations have been suggested.


Key words: Albania, milk, consumer preferences, market segmentation, Conjoint Choice Experiment, Latent Class Analysis


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