Ndikimi i globalizimit në tregtinë e produkteve bujqësore

M.Sc. Belinda Meshini1, Dr. Behar Male2, Prof. Asc. Hidajet Shehu3, Prof. Asc. Palok Kolnikaj4
1Universiteti ”Eqrem Çabej”, Gjirokastër
2Administrator i “TID”, Tiranë
3, 4Fakulteti i Ekonomisë dhe Agrobiznesit, UBT,Tiranë


The aim of this paper is to give a full presentation about the progress of globalization in the world and in Albania, and to analyze asymmetries in the process of globalization and income differential in agriculture in less developed countries. The consequences of these asymmetries are reflected in dramatic changes in world agricultural trade.
If we rely on the name of agricultural products can realize that the name of the product has an important role in influencing consumer behavior.
As a result customers will require foods with better name than standard food, naturally on condition that the customer reach to afford them and all the rest remain unchanged.
Without adequate investment in terms of infrastructure, institutions, human and social capital, agriculture of less developed countries will not be able to get the expected benefits of globalization.



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