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Journal of Economy and Agribusiness (JEA) is a scientific journal in the field of economy and agribusiness. It is published by the Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness (FEA), Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT). The objectives of JEA are to promote research, debate, policy and best practices regarding economy and agribusiness and to promote the application of theoretical and empirical research work to solve real life problems. The journal welcomes original research output, with theoretical and empirical values, pertaining to policies, processes and practices on spheres of rural economy and agribusiness.

JEA is an open access journal that invites researchers to publish original scientific articles that present the latest research in the field of economy and agribusiness. It welcomes submissions of original papers focusing on economics, management, marketing, rural tourism management, finance, accounting, rural development, information technology.

While the main focus of the journal is Albania and Balkans region, contributions on other countries which address the topics of the journal will also be given consideration.